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Nonprofit branding.

I support mission driven organizations through a variety of design and messaging services.

The work we could accomplish either in a retainer package or a la carte includes:

  • Brand strategy 

  • Logo design

  • Website design

  • Powerpoint decks

  • Infographics

  • Booklets

  • Flyers

  • Billboards

  • Annual or quarterly reports

  • Hand-drawn illustrations

  • and more!

I also serve individuals with personal development coaching to master communications skills personally and professionally.

Coruzzi Communications' core offering is a customized Retainer Package, a comprehensive way to approach every aspect of your brand.

What you get.

A Pair of Hands

We do the work for you, developing a suite of brand assets that propel your organization's goals, and capture the essence of your values.

A Thought Partner

We provide ongoing thought partnership to ensure brand consistency and positive results.

coruzzi communications

Design portfolio.

Design Portfolio
Code of Ethics

Code of ethics.

01. We put humans first.

We impact the humans who come in contact with our work. We can either help them or hurt them. When we design, we are solving a problem. To know whether we are properly solving a problem, we need to respect and understand the humans who are experiencing the problem.

02. We take responsibility for the work we put into the world.

Our work is put out into the world to guide, inform, and influence. To persuade humans to feel, do, or believe something. This is not a duty we take lightly. We lead with integrity and a tremendous sense of responsibility to do good work.

03. We owe our clients not just our labor but also our counsel.

Our job is not only to produce work, but also to evaluate the impact of that work. We are willing to ask why and say no. We do not roll our eyes and stay quiet. We’ve done the math, listened to feedback, and mastered our craft. We are here to guide and advise, not to be a transactional partner.

04. We welcome criticism.

We encourage criticism– be it from ourselves, our clients, the public, or other designers. Feedback delivered with candor and kindness creates better work. It is sought after and warmly welcomed at every step of the design process.

05. We value human impact over the cleverness of our ideas.

The consequences of our work carry more weight than the cleverness of our ideas. When communicating about social issues, our work is assessed first and foremost by its societal impact, not aesthetic appeal. Messaging that misleads, and imagery that plays on negative perceptions of individuals or groups, cannot be well designed. No matter how clever. No matter how aesthetically pleasing. And no matter how many technical design principles it follows.

From my clients...


"The Annual Report demonstrates a strong level of aesthetic intelligence! The consistency of fonts for similar classes of information and strike the balance between formality and relatability. The combination of bold and subtle imagery communicates messages about joy, representation, and diversity." 


"Strikes the right balance between short bursts of storytelling combined with data to underscore the significance and impact of the organization."


"The content itself is free of industry  jargon such that a diverse group of stakeholders  could take away similar understandings." 

"Really appreciate how clearly feedback was incorporated." 


Messaging Map

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