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Develop your communication skills


Communication skills are not just for brands. And they're not all about words. Being a great communicator stems from an ongoing process of awareness and management – with ourselves and with other humans.

"When I am with Lisa I feel both seen and heard deeply. Her ability to see perspectives, notice blind spots, and celebrate small wins are such a gift. She is truly brilliant, insightful, thoughtful, compassionate, kind, and a joy to be with."


What you'll get out of  Personal Development Coaching

Coaching is custom tailored to YOUR personal development goals, however, I specialize in helping humans move closer to achieving the following 2 outcomes along the way:


Be a more effective communicator. 

This is not about having the right words to say, being perfectly articulate every time you speak, or developing unshakable confidence. The skills of a great communicator are developed through an ongoing process of thought-provoking self-discovery.  I will guide you through the development of the skills, mindsets, and behaviors that make the foundation for effective communications: mind-body connection, values alignment, and clarity of thought. With greater alignment paired with growing the skills of effective communication, you will have what it takes to improve all areas of your life, like healthy relationships and career advancement. 

Approach any situation with grace. 

We also work on developing the skills to navigate uncomfortable emotions, and develop the willpower to perform imperfectly, embrace the unknown, and identify and manage your own harmful belief systems (imposter syndrome, inner critic, perfectionism, overcomplicating, and negative self-talk). 

What is Personal Development Coaching?

As a Personal Development Coach, I help individuals articulate and embody their values, aspirations, and full potential, as well as overcome the obstacles and harmful thought patterns that hold them back (e.g. negative self talk, self-doubt, imposter syndrome).


Through a collaborative process, clients are empowered to build their skills and make positive changes to enhance their well-being and create a more fulfilling life


Coaches honor humans as the expert in their own lives, respecting them as creative, capable, resourceful, and whole. By contrast, counseling and therapy typically focus on resolving issues rooted in the past, such as trauma. Coaching is about moving forward and preparing for the future. A coach's role is to give you the tools and resources to better navigate your personal and professional life. 

Your Coaching Journey

Coaching is a personalized journey aligned to your goals and desires, but here are a few examples of what we can achieve together:
  • Develop skills across the four quadrants of growth: self awareness, social awareness, self management, and social management

  • Identify and take steps to overcome harmful belief systems and habits of self neglect

  • Identify and speak up for the values that matter to you

  • Speak with clarity, calmness, and tact – even in stressful situations and disagreements 

  • Build relationships that last the test of time

  • Regulate your emotions – even while in distress

  • Practice presence and adaptability instead of winging, avoiding, or over-scripting conversations

  • Achieve the clarity of thought necessary to express yourself and cultivate executive presence

  • Deliver persuasive presentations and pitches

  • Build credibility and trust within your professional sector

  • Position yourself as a thought leader

  • Tap into your "raw humanness"

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